About Me

Welcome to Umar Al Hayat Men Tailoring, your ultimate destination for exquisite Kanduras in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Founded with a passion for preserving tradition and embracing style, Umar Al Hayat Men Tailoring has become synonymous with elegance, artistry, and unmatched quality.

At Umar Al Hayat, we believe in more than just selling clothing; we celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the UAE by offering meticulously tailored Kanduras that blend tradition with contemporary fashion. Our skilled artisans, with years of expertise, carefully craft each Kandura, ensuring attention to detail, comfort, and a perfect fit. We take pride in dressing the modern man in attire that reflects his identity and showcases the beauty of Emirati heritage.


Our mission is to be the leading provider of authentic and beautifully crafted Kanduras, enhancing the style and confidence of our customers. We are dedicated to preserving the essence of Emirati culture by creating garments that honor tradition while embracing innovation.


Our vision is to inspire confidence and celebrate the timeless charm of Emirati traditions, one impeccably tailored Kandura at a time.